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Dedoco is a Digital Signing & Document solution that allows peer to peer signing, encryption and sharing of documents. Our solution is built with the aim of improving efficiency and compliance, whilst ensuring document security and data privacy. We aim to help enterprises digitize documents and signing with an easy-to-use SaaS that can be adopted across all industries. Headquartered in Singapore, our clientele include from HR and recruitment, financial services, corporate secretary, and accounting and audit firms.

Through a decentralized, peer to peer capability, our platform is built around the notions of Privacy, Trust and Security; and aims to be more than just a digital signing solution. Unlike all other solutions, our decentralized architecture differentiates in that we do not store an additional copy of your documents on our servers or have privy over them. Business workflows are also configured by you and managed end-to-end via our smart contracts, which provides both automation and tamper-proofing functions. From a single document and signature, to a more complex workflow with multiple document sequences and signers, these are all covered via Dedoco’s 3-stages process builder dashboard.


Ever thought of what happens to your document after you upload them on a centralized server? Do you require a digital signing solution but your compliance requirements do not allow your sensitive documents to be uploaded on current solutions?

Dedoco does not require you to upload your documents as document identifiers are managed digitally through hashes. In addition, Dedoco documents can be signed using government issued digital signatures, which ascertains a higher level of trust in the documents and its signers. The final signature certificate is created based on the end-to-end workflow and document hashes that are generated throughout the life-cycle of a document. Our blockchain-enabled architecture provides an irrefutable audit trail and signing evidence that can be validated even when offline.

Dedoco allows organisations and individuals to create digital workflow templates based on their requirements. No matter how complex the workflow is or your preferred methods for document transmission, we have it covered. By having an automated progress schedule in place for your digital documents, you can cut down your process time by switching away from manual processes and wet-link signing.

Creating an account is straightforward and can be completed in 3 Simple steps [ Registration, Simple Profile, Activation of account] and adopted by all organizations and roles. Only document creators require an account login, while signers do NOT need to be onboarded. Contact us to learn more about our 14-days Free Trial now!

With digitization and reduction in manual processes, Dedoco aims to increase organizations’ efficiency and reduce overall operational costs by at least 70%. Digital footprint allows for real-time checking, while the chasing of wet-ink signing and physical document deliveries will soon be obsolete.

Dedoco allows for a secure peer-to-peer document transmission also known as Dedoco Secure Share. This allows for sharing and signing of documents without us storing this document on our servers.

Dedoco works on a SaaS subscription model that aims to cater to your business needs and document volumes, and with the aim of growing with your business. Refer to our plans and Pricing or reach out to us for more information.

Dedoco Entrepreneur is for the budding entrepreneur, freelancers, sole-proprietors and small studios; while Dedoco Enterprise is for the SMEs and mid-cap companies with more sizeable and consistent document volumes on a monthly basis.

For customized integrations for larger organizations and white-label requirements, we offer both cloud and on-premise options. For more information on Dedoco Pro, please contact us directly at


No, you do not need a registered account to sign documents sent to you, unless set by the document creator for enhanced login purposes. Most of the time, you do not need to have an account to sign the documents. Nonetheless, one of the perks of being a registered Dedoco user is that you can have your specimen signature registered as a default signature style to use for future documents.

Similarly, you will not incur any fees for signing back the documents.

Yes, simply click on the signing link sent to you via email, which will redirect you to the dedoco platform for signing on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

No, you do not need to have an account with Dedoco. The One-Time-Password is for purpose of authentication (set by the document sender) to ensure that the signer has the correct OTP to access and sign the document.

Yes, please contact us at to learn more.

  • The free trial is for a period of 14 days upon registration.
  • You will no longer have access to the account after the 14 days trial period. To continue using Dedoco you will need to subscribe to one of our available plans.

No, you are not required to have a credit card to register for the trial account.

Dedoco platform allows users to create projects to be used for signing without the need for them to upload their confidential and sensitive documents onto our platform. Our platform is architectured in a way where we do not store any of your document or workflow processes. In addition, Dedoco users can validate the document authenticity (via the registered document hash) prior to signing the document.

The process of “Drag and Drop” does not require an uploading or storing a copy of your documents on our servers. Instead, it is a way of capturing and registering the document hash that will be important for other validation uses later on.

When a document is registered on Dedoco, a document hash is registered and is retrieved subsequently to perform a ‘check hash’ function against the same document during the signing process. This helps to verify that the document is indeed the original version, thus confirming the document’s integrity. Any change in the document will result in a different hash, thus making it tamper-proof.

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that offers a higher level of security by  fingerprinting the document to the signer’s identity.

The Electronic Transactions Act (Cap. 88) (“ETA”) is a statute that provides for the security and use of electronic transactions. The ETA facilitates electronic commerce and gives certainty to contracts formed electronically by providing a legal foundation for electronic signatures.

Generally, the ETA recognises the use of electronic and digital signatures in the execution of legally binding contractual documents, subject to any additional formalities required to execute the contract.

For certainty, parties may choose to provide in the contract that the execution of the contract via electronic signature will have the same legal effect as original wet ink signatures.

However, the validity of electronic signatures under the ETA does not apply to the following documents:

  • The creation or execution of wills;
  • Negotiable instruments;
  • Documents of title;
  • Bills of exchange;
  • Promissory notes;
  • Consignment notes;
  • Bills of lading;
  • Warehouse receipts or any transferable document or instrument that entitles the bearer or beneficiary to claim the delivery of goods/payment of money;
  • Creation, performance or enforcement of an indenture; declaration of trust; and powers of attorney – with the exception of implied, constructive and resulting trusts;
  • Any contract for the sale, transfer or disposition of immovable property, or any interest in such property;
  • The conveyance of immovable property or the transfer of any interest in immovable property; and
  • Any contract or transaction by agreement that the parties agree to exclude the use of electronic signatures.